FAQ´s Fullaverde® Mosquito Spray

How much product should be applied to be protected?
Distribute Fullaverde Mosquito Spray evenly on the skin. Approximately 2-3 sprays/puffs per adult forearm.

Should Fullaverde Mosquito Spray also be applied under the clothes?
For optimal protection treat all body parts that are not protected by clothing with Fullaverde Mosquito Spray and let dry. Body parts that are protected only by light clothing must also be treated.

How long does Fullaverde Mosquito Spray protect?
Fullaverde Mosqutio Spray protects effectively against mosquitoes up to 6 hours. If the effect wears off, repeat the application.

Does Fullaverde Mosquito Spray protect from other insects?
Fullaverde Mosquito Spray also protects against ticks and gadflies. 

What is the active substance of Fullaverde Mosquito Spray?
The active substance of Fullaverde Mosquito Spray is EC Oil (CAS: 1245629-80-4), gained from the leaves of lemon eucalyptus.

From which age Fullaverde Mosquito Spray can be used?
Fullaverde Mosquito Spray is dermatologically tested and skin friendly. It´s suitable for children aged 6 months.

When should the sun tan lotion or other cosmetic products be applied?
In combination with sun tan lotion always apply Fullaverde Mosquito Spray in a second step.

Is Fullaverde Mosquito Spray water resistant?
Fullaverde Mosquito Spray is not water resistant. During extreme physical exertion and development of sweat it is recommended to repeat the application.

Can Fullaverde Mosquito Spray be applied to the face?
Fullaverde Mosqutio Spray is suitable for facial use. To apply to face first spray hand surfaces and then carefully apply to face. Exclude mouth and eyes.

Is it possible to use Fullaverde Mosqutio Spray during pregnancy or lactation?
There is no scientific evidence pointing against the use of this product during pregnancy or lactation. However, before breastfeeding, we suggest you clean / remove the product from relevant parts of the skin.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.