inspired by nature

Mosquitoes love heat and humidity and therefore they multiply millions of times, especially in the summer months.

In addition the short development cycle potentiates in many areas the mosquito problem. Mosquitoes are not just annoying and uncomfortable, they also transmit dangerous diseases such as yellow fever and malaria to humans.

In order not to be bitten at all, the use of insect repellents is recommended.

Demanding users often look for a gentle alternative to the common chemical-synthetic repellent active substances for themselves and their family members.

Our Fullaverde insect repellents are developed and produced exclusively in Austria based on the active substance EC Öl, an extract from the Lemon-Eucalyptus.

Products based on the extract of Lemon Eucalyptus have a very good ecological and toxicological profile in contrast to many mosquito repellents with chemical-synthetic active substances such as DEET, Icaridine or IR3535. That´s the reason why Fullaverde repellents are suitable for children aged 6 months.

In combination with high-quality cosmetic additives, our insect repellents are created to solve problems in a pleasantly natural way without making new ones.

All Fullaverde repellents are tested for their efficacy and tolerability in representative tests and studies.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.